Engagement Ring Styles – The Basket Diamond Setting

If you’re taking the next step in your relationship and planning on buying a dazzling diamond engagement ring to pop the big question with, you probably know about different diamond setting styles. So in today’s Sunday post we’re going to talk about the basket diamond setting. Bezel diamond engagement ring

What is a Diamond Basket Setting?

A basket setting is basically a claw setting where prongs of metal update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = usually four) secure the stone in place. Some claw settings don’t incorporate a basket style, but for larger stones it’s always the best option. The basket is the base of the claw setting that is made to perfectly fit the size and shape of the stone. We have designed most of our bezel settings to be on a modern Wedfit band that allows a standard shaped wedding ring to fit perfectly underneath with no gaps in between. So if you’re keen on this setting style, take a look at the different rings we do and simply select the diamond you want that will fit your budget. Browse our engagement ring setting styles here. Bezel diamond engagement ring