Top 4 Classic Engagement Ring Settings

When it comes to engagement ring styles, staying classic has always been a popular option. Some of the most popular classic styles are the solitaire – where the diamond is set singularly, the round brilliant cut diamond has always been a classic choice of stone for engagement rings, the three stone ring style with its significant and the halo diamond engagement ring setting. So if you’re looking for the perfect, classic engagement ring setting style, below is a list of our favourites at Steven Stone.

Classic solitaire diamond engagement ring

Solitaire diamond engagement ring Without a doubt the solitaire style diamond engagement ring, especially with a claw setting is the most traditional. The style suits everyone and looks perfect set with both a plain and diamond set wedding ring. You can’t go wrong with this choice of diamond ring.

The Three Stone Diamond Ring

three stone diamond ring If your sentimental and love the true meaning to objects, the three stone diamond engagement ring could be the one for you. The three stones have a strong meaning – representing the past, present and future of a relationship.

The Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald cut diamond ring This cut of a diamond is defiantly the most traditional and classic. Although the Emerald cut diamond is absolutely stunning, if you like the brilliance and sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond you might be put off by its long flashes of light due to its step cut.

The Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

halo diamond engagement ring This style is one of the most popular ring designs at the moment, its vintage; art deco look is very appealing to many brides to be at the moment. If you like any of the classic ring designs here and want to see more, view our online collection at Steven Stone.