Gems Gems Gems and More Gems – New Jewellery Designs for 2014!!

We’re currently in the process of designing a new range of jewellery for 2014. The pieces will be set with a range of precious gemstones we’ve just got in, set in white, yellow and rose gold. The gems include Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Tourmalines and more which come in the most stunning colours and shapes. We plan on making a mixture of dress rings, pendants, earrings and maybe even some unique gem set bracelets. Whether we set the stones with small diamonds or just simply in different coloured 18ct gold, there will defiantly be a piece you’ll fall in love with.

Gem Stones Ready to be set in Stunning Jewellery Pieces

So here they are – stunning, vibrant colours that will look perfect set in fantastic jewellery piece you can wear daily. Pink stone Pink stones 2 Yellow stone Orange stone Purple stone Blue stone Blue stone Green stone If you’re a fan of the beautiful stones you could even opt to create your own piece and have the stones set how you’d like to wear.

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