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Two popular Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

When it comes to engagement rings the two most popular settings for diamonds are claw set and rub over set.

Claw Set Diamond Engagement Rings

Claw settings are by far the most popular and traditional choice for engagement rings. The number of claws all depends on the shape of the diamond and the design of the ring and can vary from three, four and six. The claws or prongs are pushed over the stone to hold it in place. Depending on the size and shape of the diamonds the claws have a certain thickness, or shape to make sure the stone is completely held in place. The best thing about the claw setting is that the stone is exposed to maximum light on all sides, so therefore will have an excellent sparkle. diamond claw setting

The Rub Over Setting

The rub over setting is a much more modern way of setting a diamond compared to the claw setting. A strip of precious metal is placed around the stone and then soldered to a metal base. To secure the stone the metal is pushed and bended towards the stone using a setting hammer or a burnishing tool. If you have a busy, on the go life style, this style of setting is perfect as the stone is completely secure. The only down side is that light only passes through the top of the stone, so the stone wont sparkle as much as it would in a claw setting. rub over diamond engagement ring settings

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