The Beauty and Sophistication of the Cushion Cut Diamond

Originally known as the old mine cut, the cushion cut is a classic, popular choice for engagement rings and other styles of diamond jewellery. The Shape and cut of the diamond combines a princess cut with rounded corners. Cushion cut diamond shape Although the cut is not as modern as the popular brilliant cut, it has always remained a classic look that has a strong vintage appeal- as it has been around for almost 2oo years. The cut of this diamond returns light in a chunkier pattern compared to the modern brilliant cut diamond. Apparently the cut is the third most popular diamond cut today after the round brilliant and princess cut. What’s even more popular is to have the diamond set in a halo style ring design where small round brilliant cut diamonds surround its cushion like shape. Cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring

Our Recommendations

If you’re a fan of this stone and want to go ahead and purchase one, here’s what we recommend as a minimum. When buying a diamond you have to consider the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The carat weight depends on your budget and although a 1.00 carat diamond is extremely desirable, it can be divided into 100 points – making it much more affordable. For the other Cs this is what we suggest as a minimum – Cut: Good Colour: G Clarity: SI1