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4 or 6 Claw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting – Which is Your Favourite??

The claw setting is regarded the mort traditional out of all the diamond engagement ring settings and is the most frequently used. The setting style basically features claws/prongs of metal which are fastened around the different shapes of different gem stones to secure them in place. In today’s post we’re going to look at both the 4-claw and 6-claw prong setting set around a traditional round brilliant cut diamond, as they are both popular engagement ring settings.

The 4-Claw Engagement Ring Setting

Claw engagement ring setting To begin the 4-claw setting is perhaps the most traditional number of claws used to set a round brilliant cut diamond. The claws can either be arranged at each corner of the round shape – creating the look of a square shape or the can go around the stone in north, east, south, west positions.

The 6-Claw Engagement Ring Setting

Claw engagement ring setting The 6-claw is a variation of the 4-claw setting design. The extra claws make the stone look rounder compared to the 4-claw setting. This is a slightly more detailed setting that adds more of a contemporary look. At Steven Stone we have both styles available is a mixture of precious metals from white gold, yellow gold, yellow gold and platinum. Just get in touch if you want to find out more about the claw setting.

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