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The “Wedfit” Collection of Engagement Rings

One of the most appealing engagement ring designs is the “Wedfit” style ring.This style of engagement ring gives added value to your wedding jewellery as the shank is designed to perfectly fit against a standard shaped wedding with no gaps in between – an exclusive, expensive look for many brides to be. Wedfit diamond engagement ring We have a popular “Wedfit” engagement ring range which perfectly boasts a unique shank mount that enables a band to fit flush underneath the main stone of the engagement ring with no gaps in between. This look showcases a stunning, co-ordinated look that’s definitely associated with more expensive designer jewellery. Wedfit diamond engagement ring

What are the Alternatives to the “Wedfit” Engagement Ring Style??

If you already have an engagement ring, but want to achieve the “Wedfit” look, don’t worry as we have the ability to create a commissioned wedding ring that is designed to perfectly fit the shape of your engagement ring. Just bring/post your ring and we’ll get to work at creating your perfect wedding ring.

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