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Sapphires Instead of Diamonds for Engagement Rings??

The two most popular gem stones for engagement rings are Diamonds and blue Sapphires. Sapphires make the perfect stone for engagement rings due to their elegance and meaning as the blue colour represents harmony and loyalty, whilst the Sapphire gem stone symbolises faithfulness and sincerity. Most Sapphire engagement rings are also set with dazzling white diamonds, which look perfect matched with the vibrant blue of the Sapphire. The most popular shapes for Sapphires are round and oval made into halo diamond engagement ring settings where small round brilliant cut diamonds surround the centre stone. Sapphire and diamond engagement ring Undoubtedly the most famous of all the Sapphire engagement rings is Kate Middleton’s sparkler which features a huge oval shaped 12 carat Sapphire surrounded by 14 smaller round brilliant cut diamonds. Since Kate has been wearing the beautiful ring sales in Sapphires and replicas of the ring design have increased. Sapphires are also a lot more affordable then diamonds so you can get more for your money, but remember the most important aspect to consider when buying the stone is its colour – a rich, deep blue colour is always regarded the best when it comes to Sapphires. Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

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