“The Blue” Pear Shaped Diamond Sets a New World Record Selling for £14.1 M

“The Blue” – The largest vivid blue flawless diamond in the world has broke records at auction after it sold for £14.1 million earlier this week. The diamond weighs a total of 13.22 carats and has set the record of $2 million per carat for blue diamonds. Blue diamond ring rare The auction took place at Christie’s Hong Kong sale room and was described as “absolutely perfect, absolutely pure externally and internally” and like most blue diamond’s of this quality the stone is mined in South Africa. In the past decade just three blue diamond’s of 10 carats and over with the exact same grading have sold at auction, but this one has topped them all. Based on the results of recent auctions selling coloured stones, the market is high which is mainly due to their rarity and desirability. Yellow diamond ring rare Just yesterday a 100-carat yellow diamond sold for $16.3 million to a private buyer in Geneva. 1oo carats is an extraordinary number of carats that makes for an impressive gem. The diamond is set in a stunning ring design too, which features split set diamond shoulders. If these impressive coloured gems have captured your imagination, check out our ever growing collection of coloured stone rings.