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New Bespoke Engagement Ring Design Set With a Ceylon Sapphire

In today’s post we’re sharing one of our latest bespoke creations featuring a high quality Ceylon Sapphire as the centre piece. Ceylon sapphire and diamond engagement ring The ring style is a popular halo diamond ring design where the stunning Ceylon Sapphire is set in the centre in traditional white gold claws and surrounded by a border of small round brilliant cut diamonds. The shoulders of the ring are also set with small diamonds which have each been individually pavé set. As a finished piece the ring looks absolutely stunning and elegant, plus takes a lot of inspiration from Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. Ceylon sapphire and diamond engagement ring

The Ceylon Sapphire

Ceylon Sapphires are part of the Corundum family and are second only to diamonds for their hardness and durability. Ceylon Sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka which was formally known as Ceylon and are known for the unique tone of blue they produce. The colours range from very pale blue to a vibrant blue and there is no sapphire as highly respected for its quality and enduring value. Therefore this makes them slightly more expensive than other types of Sapphires but so worth it for the striking colour.

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