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The Blueberry Tanzanite Trend

After a fabulous few days exploring new trends in jewellery and gemstones at the JCK show in Vegas, we’re excited to share with you one of the latest fashions to hit the wonderful world of gemstones. Blueberry tanzanite

The Blueberry Tanzanite

With its stunning cobalt blue colour and radiant sparkle, the blueberry tanzanite is one striking stone that makes the perfect centrepiece to any jewellery piece. The stone can vary in colour from blue/purple shades and comes from the mineral zoisite. The stone was discovered in the Manyara region in Tanzania in 1967 and is known for its blue Sapphire appearance. Blueberry tanzanite We took full advantage of the new gemstone trend and purchased some at the show ready for our jewellery designer to get creative back in our workshop…. watch this space

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