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A Stunning Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

One of our latest bespoke jewellery designs at Steven Stone is this stunning diamond and Sapphire drop pendant featuring a beautiful Ceylon oval shaped Sapphire. Sapphire and diamond pendant The customer worked with us to create the finished piece and wanted the design to look classic –something they could wear every day. Both the round brilliant cut diamond and the oval shaped Sapphire are held in traditional 4-claw settings. We made the pendant design in 18ct white gold which looks perfect set against the vibrant blue of the Sapphire. Sapphire and diamond pendant 2

All About the Ceylon Sapphire

Ceylon Sapphires are mined in Sir Lanka and are considered to be the best in the world. The Ceylon is known for their high clarity and stunning blue colour just like the ocean. The mineral name for Sapphires is corundum, which comes in a variety of colours however red corundum is called a Ruby. The most sought after colour is cornflower blue which is why the Ceylon Sapphire is so popular. Pendants like this are one of the most striking and instantly noticeable ways to display two of the most popular gemstones for jewellery. So if you’re a fan and want a pendant made like this – visit our bespoke jewellery section.

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