New Diamond Dress Ring Design in White Gold

We’ve been busy adding new jewellery to our collection at Steven Stone, so in today’s post we’re sharing one of our new diamond dress ring styles. Diamond dress ring style The ring beautifully features three dazzling rows of round brilliant cut diamonds which have been beautifully placed in rub-over bezel settings. The ring is made in 18ct white gold and has a modern look due to the contemporary rub-over setting style. With this style the metal is arched around the round shape of the stone to secure it in place. This ring style sits beautifully as a dress ring for any occasion and looks perfect on different finger shapes and sizes. The diamonds are arranged in a cluster across the three rows of metal and vary in size to create an eye-catching, dazzling piece. Diamond dress ring 2 If you’re a fan of this ring and want to find out more visit contact us at Steven Stone now.