The Appeal of the Blue Sapphire

The colour of the blue Sapphire is a desirable choice in the world of jewellery at the moment, it’s a shade associated to harmony, confidence, class and faithfulness. At Steven Stone we have created a wide range of stunning jewellery pieces featuring some of the most striking blue Sapphires. Sapphire jewellery styles picture By far the most famous Sapphire engagement ring has to be Kate Middleton’s, but others include Penelope Cruz and Victoria Beckham.

All About the Sapphire

Sapphire jewellery styles picture Sapphires belong to Corundum minerals and blue Sapphires occur as a result of iron and titanium being present in the Corundum at the time of formation. The stone is mined all over the world in countries such as Sir Lanka, Africa, Thailand, America and more. There are two main aspects to consider when buying a Sapphire – 1. The colour which is also known as the hue – and 2. The clarity for any marks and blemishes on the stone which might be visible to the naked eye. Browse through our stunning range of Sapphire rings or create your own bespoke design.