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The Crossover Style Diamond Ring

One of our latest creations at Steven Stone is this stunning “Crossover” style diamond dress ring featuring both round brilliant cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds. Crossover diamond dress ring The ring was designed to have two strips of metal that crossover each other in a contemporary way that perfectly shows off the dazzling diamonds. We made the ring in 18ct white gold by creating a computer CAD image of the design which we printed into a 3D wax model. This process of making the ring from a wax model is known in the industry as the lost wax jewellery process. The ring is set with two contrasting cuts of diamonds – the modern round brilliant cut diamond and the classic emerald cut diamond update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = the first diamond cut). The way the diamonds cross over each other creates a simple yet stunning piece of jewellery that is perfect to wear as an everyday dress ring or to give as a special gift. Crossover diamond dress ring If you like this style or want something similar visit our bespoke section of our website for more information.

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