Styles of Diamond Wedding Band Settings

At we have a range of beautiful diamond set wedding bands available in a variety styles. By styles we are referring to the way the diamonds are set on the band. So in today’s post we’re going to talk through four of the most popular setting styles for diamond wedding rings. Diamond bands have always been popular with brides to be as they are the perfect way to add more dazzle to your engagement ring.

The Channel Setting

Princess cut diamond wedding ring This is a modern setting where the diamonds are set in a line next to each other with no gaps in between. The setting is very sleek and contemporary and perfect for diamonds with straight edges like the square shaped princess cut diamond.

The Cut Down Setting

Cut down set diamond wedding ring With this style it’s all about showing off the diamond and allowing maximum light to reflect through for ultimate dazzle. The edges of the ring cut down to show off the side of the diamond.

The Rub-over Setting

Round diamond wedding ring This style is also a modern way to set diamonds with the stones set in grooves in the metal around the band so that they are held flat to the band. This is perfect for those with a busy or sporty lifestyle as the diamonds are held very securely.

The Pavé Setting

A beautiful diamond wedding ring This is perhaps the most vintage looking of all the setting styles. The diamonds are set the most close together you can get making them literally look like a surface of paved stones. Each stone is set in tiny beads in the metal and has the appearance of one big coating of sparkling diamonds.

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