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Two Styles of Diamond Cluster Engagement Rings You Will Love

A few weeks ago we finished the production of these two beauties at Steven Stone. The styles are known as diamond cluster or halo diamond rings which have taken the bridal market by storm. Both styles below have become popular as engagement rings as well as diamond dress rings. There demand especially in the celebrity world) creates a show stopping dazzler. Cluster rings are a great way to compliment the centre stone and make it more prominent.

Square Shaped Cluster Ring


Diamond cluster ring


This style boasts a striking princess cut diamond centre ring beautifully dressed with a surrounding halo of small round brilliant cut diamonds. Each stone on the ring is traditionally claw set and the whole piece is made in 18ct white gold. Princess cut diamonds are a modified version of the popular round brilliant cut so exhibit the same sparkle.

The “Flower” Cluster Diamond Ring

Diamond cluster ring This style demonstrates a more classic design where all the diamonds are the same side and sit in a flower like shape. Most of the time we class this ring as a Diamond Dress Ring, but equally works as an engagement ring. The ring is also made in 18ct white gold and the diamonds are skilfully claw set.

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