How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

One of the most frequently asked questions at Steven Stone is “How do I clean my diamond at home?” So in today’s we’re going to educate you. Diamond ring So you have your dream engagement ring with a sparkling diamond, the question is how do you keep that sparkle. As your ring is an item you wear every day your diamond will defiantly get dirty, luckily they are the hardest substance on earth so are easy to clean without damaging.

The 4-Steps to Clean Your Diamond:

  1. Soak your diamond ring in warm water mixed with liquid detergent.
  2. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt. Don’t use a brush with rough bristles as it might scratch the metal of the ring.
  3. Rinse the diamond thoroughly in warm water. But be careful not to drop the ring down the drain.
  4. Blot the ring and diamond dry with a lint-free cloth

Diamond ring