Why Have RapNet Dropped EGL Diamond Grading Reports

Big news in the diamond trading world occurred this week after diamond trading network; RapNet dropped EGL update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = European Gemological Laboratories) grading reports. Diamond grading news rapnet This decision came after the group stated they are “Opposed to the misrepresentation of diamond quality” Although EGL use GIA grading terminology, the laboratory applies its own grading standards, that don’t necessary match the quality of the diamonds. RapNet have also stated that there is confusion and inconsistency of grades among the EGL reports, which could harm the reputation of the brand. The decision comes to no surprise to us at Steven Stone, as we’ve always stuck by our morals of diamond grading by only selling GIA certificated stones. This subject has always been up in debate and rightly so the over-grading of diamonds is an unfair practice that will continue to tarnish people’s confidence in buying diamonds. So the message stands clear – Only buy GIA certificated diamonds for engagement rings, pendants and all other jewellery pieces. Diamond grading news rapnet