The Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Effect

The cushion cut diamond has become a top seller for engagement rings at Steven Stone. We’ve sold an array ring styles set with the classic shaped stone. Not only has its cushion like shape been a hit, it also has that fashionable vintage appeal that will always remain desirable in the fabulous world of jewellery.

Cushion Cut Diamond Styles we Love

Cushion cut diamond ring These four styles update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = all available on our website) have been among the top sellers for cushion cut diamond engagement rings at Steven Stone.

All About the Cushion Cut Diamond

The Cushion cut diamond was developed during the classic Art Deco period during the 1930’s and has since garnered a great deal of popularity and attention for engagement rings. The cut of the diamond differs from the brilliant cut as its facets are larger and give off more brilliance. The shape of the stone ranges from square to rectangular and the corners are curved like a pillow/cushion. To find the exact dimensions of the stone you want look at their length to width ration listed in our diamond search tool. This ratio will determine the diamonds outline – for a square shape select ratios between 1 and 1.05, for rectangular shaped look at ratios greater than 1.15.