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Engagement Ring of the Week: The Emerald Cut Diamond

One of our favorite diamond shapes at Steven Stone is the classic emerald cut diamond, which is the feature of our engagement ring of the week. This particular style features a striking emerald cut diamond as the center piece and a dazzling row of round brilliant cut diamonds on the shoulders that taper inwards to meet the main stone. Emerald cut diamond engagement ring Emerald cut diamonds have been a popular choice for engagement rings, mainly due to their vintage appeal and celebrity influence. The stone features a step cut which was one of the first cuts to be used in jewellery and is generally less fiery than the brilliant cut as the sparkle features broader flashes of light. Like this ring the shape of the stone is usually rectangular but can sometimes be square if the ratio isn’t correct. This ring is ideal if you want a vintage style engagement ring that moves away from traditional brilliant cut diamonds. Emerald cut diamond engagement ring Check out the stunning emerald cut diamond engagement ring here and select your perfect diamond.

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