An Exclusive Emerald & Diamond Dress Ring

This beautiful emerald ring with diamonds set around the outside is truly a unique piece of jewellery, designed at our Cheshire workshop.

The emerald center stone is a unique shape, full of vibrant green colours. To secure this unique shape we designed the setting to have five claws that beautifully hold it in place. To create a striking contrast we made the ring and claw settings in 18ct yellow gold, which beautifully brings out the green shades in the ring. To add a bit of glamour and dazzle to the engagement ring the emerald is also surrounded by 0.65 carats of small round brilliant cut diamonds.

All about Emerald Stones

Emeralds are a fascinating gemstone full of intense, radiant shades of green. The name of the stone comes from the Greek word ‘smaragdos’ that just simply means ‘green gemstone’. The best emeralds are found in South America, and are said to promise good luck and enhances the wellbeing with its wondrous healing powers. Emeralds have a prestigious appeal, and have been held in high esteem since ancient times. Some of the most famous emeralds are to be seen in museums and royal collections.