From here to Eternity…

Symbolising everlasting love with an unbroken circle of diamonds, Full Eternity Rings are traditionally gifted at significant points within a relationship, the two most common being the birth of a child or an anniversary.

princess cut eternityThe Half Eternity is set with diamonds, update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = or gems of your choice!) set around the top half of the ring. This gives the illusion of a Full Eternity Ring and the practicality of everyday wear and flexibility to resize and alter – without having to remake.

hald eternity ring As the strongest natural precious gemstone, Diamond is the most popular choice to have in Eternity rings, and it doesn’t hurt that they sparkle and shine!

Any gem can be set into an Eternity Ring for a more personal take on tradition, for example; Sapphire, for a September Birthday or Ruby for a 40th Wedding Anniversary.

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