Sparkle with a Morganite this Christmas!

Now that the Christmas shopping season has well and truly begun, we would like to introduce you to our beautiful morganite collection. Why not make her Christmas with a piece of stunning morganite jewellery hand crafted here at Steven Stone. Alongside emerald and aquamarine, morganite is certainly the best known gemstone from the colourful group of beryl. Jewellery lovers the world over love morganite for its radiant rose pink tones.

Although this gemstone came into being millions of years ago, it has only been known by the name of morganite for less than a hundred years. In 1911, thanks to New York gemmologist G. F. Kunz, the gemstone started being referred to by its current name. Before this the gemmological world simply viewed the ‘pink beryl’ as a variety of beryl, not as a gemstone in its own right. The gemstone was named in honour of the banker and mineral collector John Pierpont Morgan, and was given the name under which it is known today: Morganite.

Manganese is responsible for the pink hue present in Morganite, which occurs in a variety of blush pink and peachy tones. Some are decidedly pink, whilst others tend more to lilac or warm salmon pink.
Whether a warm blush peach in 18ct Rose Gold or delicate rose pink in cool 18ct White Gold, we have the perfect piece of morganite jewellery or engagement ring for every skin tone. Show her you love her without saying a word this Christmas. By Jenifer Rainford Mendez