Why GIA?

Purchasing a GIA certificated diamond is an assurance that the diamond is as described, it will give you complete confidence, even when purchasing a diamond unseen. You are ensuring that it has been qualified and priced according to the 4C’s [cut, clarity, colour and carat]. This worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality was established in the 1940’s by the GIA update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = Gemological Institute of America). The certification essentially is an exploration of the interior and exterior characteristics of the diamond, as it identifies the exact weight, shape, cut, clarity, colour and measurements. The GIA, established in 1931, is the world’s foremost respected authority in diamonds. This non-profit institute is the leading source of knowledge, standards and education in gems and jewellery. Established in order to educate individuals around the globe, lead gemological research and to protect through research, education and unbiased gem grading and analysis, and by setting global quality standards. The GIA’s grading system is recognised throughout the industry as the most accurate and unbiased method of grading diamonds. When choosing something as precious as a diamond, the reassurance that a GIA Certificate will give becomes priceless.


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