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Top Things To Know Before You Buy An Engagement Ring

The first record of engagement rings dates back to ancient times, when Romans began giving their future brides engagement rings instead of money before marriage. This Roman custom is inspired by an even older tradition originating in ancient Egypt where Egyptians believed that circles were a symbol...

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How to match bridal jewellery to your wedding gown

Like most aspects of wedding planning, choosing bridal jewellery can be frustrating and confusing. Most brides search for universal and high quality bridal jewellery, to match their fashion style and suitable to wear on other occasions. Ideally, you will buy bridal jewellery which ticks all boxes ...

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Does my diamond look big in this?

There are several clever tips to optimise your budget when buying an engagement ring. Here is how to make a modest diamond look bigger! With 86% of women stating that the overall look of the ring is the most important factor, the style of the ring is the main thing to keep in mind when buying your ...

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1930s Wedding Inspiration

When thinking of the 1930s, our collective memory brings out glamour, fashion, sophistication and romance. It was in age when men on football stadiums dressed smart, wore tailored suits, ties and hats. A decade in which dressing well was never synonymous with brands and purple labels, but with ...

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