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Everything You Need To Know About Coloured Diamonds

Since 1998, the Aurora Pyramid of Hope has housed and displayed a collection of 296 natural diamonds in a wide variety of colours, and since 2005, it can be seen in the Natural History Museum of London. It’s easy to forget that diamonds are rare, natural occurrences that make a long journey ...

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History Of The Asscher Cut Diamond

There are many different shapes of diamond used in jewellery and each different shape, or cut as they’re referred to in the industry, has its own history. The Asscher cut is no different, with a story behind its invention, popularity, decline, and recent re-popularisation. Although it’s not ...

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Why Are Bespoke Engagement Rings So Desirable?

With so many mass-produced engagement rings on the market, there’s nothing more special than presenting someone with a ring that can’t be found or seen on anyone else’s finger. Bespoke engagement rings are more meaningful than ready-made rings because they offer you the opportunity for ...

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Why Diamonds Are Used For Making Jewellery

Diamonds are well known for their prominence in jewellery. They’ve become icons of romance since they became popular, and they’re now intrinsically linked to the idea that love, like diamonds, is forever. So, it is no wonder that they’re a much sought-after gem for engagement rings. Learn ...

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