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What’s The Best Engagement Ring Diamond Size?

What’s The Best Engagement Ring Diamond Size? Choosing an engagement ring, for yourself or your partner, is no easy task. There are lots of choices to make, like what type of metal you want the ring to be made of and what setting style you want the stone to be mounted in. However, one of the ...

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Other Than Jewellery, What Are Diamonds Used For?

Diamond engagement rings are so ingrained in our culture of romance that it has become almost instinctual to associate diamonds only with their use in jewellery. So much so that it can be easy to forget that diamond is a natural mineral with a unique set of properties, and it’s always being used ...

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The Types of Pearl Used in Jewellery

They say diamonds are forever, but humans have recognised pearls as precious for much longer than any cut stone. Found in natural oyster beds, pearls were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC. And in ancient Rome, pearls were considered so valuable that they were restricted ...

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Where Does Gold Come From?

Gold is heavenly, in every sense of the word. Most people don’t know this but, while we mine for gold here on earth, all of the gold that’s deposited in our planet was formed during the explosions of stars and collisions of asteroids, and eventually found its way to earth over time. On earth...

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