A £200 deposit will be required for each silver sample, only 1 sample can be sent out at any given time. One of our experts with be in touch within 1 working day to take your details

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Availability of Goods

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Availability of Goods

We are unable to guarantee the availability or price of the stones listed on this website. This is for the following reasons:

1. We have a list on our website of over 60,000 GIA certificated diamonds none of which are owned by us. We have to purchase the stones from our own suppliers.
2. The diamonds on this website are updated every 6 hours.
3. Diamond suppliers may change diamond prices at any time without informing us.
4. The prices are updated every hour based on the USD exchange rate.
5. The stones are located all around the world with many different suppliers.
6. The diamond market is very active and stones can come and go of the market in a matter of minutes.
7. Occasionally, there are errors (both human and IT) in respect of our website, including in terms of availability and pricing.

Your Orders

We will always do our best to ensure the accuracy of our website and to ensure that we supply to you the stone which you order and for the price listed at the time of your order. However, for the reasons stated above, we cannot guarantee it and this is why we have to reserve the right to cancel your order, with or without cause, as long as we refund you any sums paid by you to us in respect of the relevant order and we are unable to accept any liability to you beyond this.

To ensure the availability of a diamond on this website, please just check with us first before ordering.
Some of the diamond suppliers allow us to place a 24 hour hold on a stone. If you would like to check if a stone can be held, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Your understanding is appreciated.