6 Engagement Ring Trends to rule 2017

Popping the question requires lots of planning, researching and knowledge. We understand that there are a million details to sort our before she says YES and we are here to help with our time-tested tips and expert jewellery knowledge. After giving you the technical tips and guidelines on finding a ring that suits her, Steven Stone experts bring you the latest engagement ring trends  The odd one  High-end fashion designers were more than imaginative and eccentric in the past few seasons. Odd shaped stones, imperfect and uncut diamonds became admired centre pieces in many jewels, including artesian engagement rings. Weird and alienesque designs suddenly became the must-have accessories an…click for more

Brief guide to vintage wedding planning

Since the term Vintage could be quite broad and although you and your partner might have agreed on a certain theme, you might end up with completely different ideas of how the wedding service would look like. For instance, a 1930s wedding could be a glamorous and sophisticated celebration in an extravagant venue or a DIY bohemian ceremony in the forest. To ease the wedding planning process, Steven Stone experts have pulled together a brief guide to vintage wedding planning. Choose your era Once you have decided which epoch to use for inspiration, you can easily pick the wedding invitations, accessories, wedding favours, bouquets and all other details around your wedding. Surely, you coul…click for more

How to Choose Bridal Jewellery

As diamond engagement ring experts and wedding jewellery specialists, Steven Stone consultants have pulled together a step by step guide on How to Choose Bridal Jewellery. There are a million decision to make when planning your wedding – from the cardinal options such as the venue and wedding dress, to the small details like wedding invitations and centre pieces. We are here to ease every step of your wedding planning and offer the best, time-tested expert advice Leave jewellery for last  You might not want to invest in bridal jewellery before you have your perfect wedding dress and know pretty much every other detail around your wedding. To find the suitable pieces, you would need to …click for more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away and there is no better time to express your love and appreciation for your mother than Mothering Sunday. Storefronts are filled with the standard gift hampers and same old stuff, but since you are reading this you are looking for that special gift to treat and celebrate your mother with. Here is our Mother's Day gift guide to help you find something special this year. Something she would definitely like Want to buy her something she would love to use? A well packaged, gourmet selection of her favourite drinks and snacks sounds just about right. If you want to get her an unforgettable wine experience, take her to a wine yard tour with tasting. Does s…click for more

Jewellery Investment – Is it worth it?

Whether you want to make a very special and valuable gift to someone or bet on something other than stock, jewellery investment is one option to consider. While it’s absolutely correct that you get better value if you spend a small fortune on a diamond ring than a getaway, it’s not necessarily true that you would be able to sell your engagement ring for more than you paid for.  Although people like to believe that the piece of jewellery they bought would cost more over time, this happens rarely. This is simply because once used, it has second hand value. With usage and as time goes on, the piece might become damaged or go out of fashion But before you buy any jewellery hoping its value…click for more

Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings have been increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you want to find a vintage looking jewel she would absolutely love or search for something less traditional and more affordable, alternative engagement rings might be the ideal choice for you.  Ditch the traditional solitaire diamonds for a minute and see our timeless, unconventional and perfectly crafted alternative gemstone engagement rings suggestions below Blue sapphires are a classic choice for engagement rings and wedding jewellery. The stones have long represented love, loyalty and friendship – the essence of a happy marriage. This beautifully striking Platinum Blue Sapphire & Diamond set halo en…click for more

Expert Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying the perfect engagement ring is tough, we know. Different metals, various styles and diamond shapes, settings, colours and sizes, online and in store…With nearly a century of experience and excellent reputation, we guarantee superb quality, expert craftsmanship, fair prices and absolute satisfaction with all Steven Stone jewellery. Our specialists are here to guide you to the right diamond ring. Have a look at our Expert Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings to find the best ring and optimize your budget Understanding the 4Cs  The most important and initial feature to consider is the Cut. A precise, high grade cut can compensate a slightly lower carat, which means getting better value…click for more

Back to black

2017 Spring/Summer fashion is dominated by gothic and BDSM inspired jewellery and accessories. Continuing the 2016 Autumn/Winter trends, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Rihanna, Louis Vuitton and many more brought harnesses, lace, dog collars, studs and dark tones on the catwalks. Black is back and here to stay. Punk and Goth classics like smoky eyes, lace, leather and dark jewellery are the must-haves you can bravely blend with any style and wear at all occasions. Are you geared up for a year-long Halloween? Here are Steven Stone’s black jewellery staples you need this spring If you want to add a dash of subtle dark undertones to your spring wardrobe, we recommend the exquisite 18ct White Gold …click for more

2017 Paris Fashion week favourites

Another fashion week has passed and it is the best we’ve seen so far. It was rebellious, futuristic, metallic and alienesque. In case you missed anything, here are our favourites from Paris fashion week First things first High-end brands including Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Dior and Loewe redesigned last season's asymmetrical, oversize and sparkling jewellery into more wearable and traditional pieces. Dazzling brooches, elfish ear cuffs, eye-catching statement rings and punk accessories are still in, however in more subtle and wearable designs. This autumn, gemstone pieces and pearls are the staples you can boldly stack up with every outfit, at every occasion. Fenty x Puma Rihanna c…click for more

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