The Quick Guide to Buying a Diamond

GIA Diamonds You’ve decide to buy a diamond engagement ring for your partner, but how do you know what diamond to look for, is bigger always better? We're here to help you optimise your budget and help you find an amazing diamond for the best price. Knowing exactly what to look for when buying a diamond will ensure you find the perfect stone for you. There are four main attributes that you should look for selecting you diamond: the 4C’s cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. CUT The diamond’s cut is the most significant of all features. It refers to the stone’s shape viewed from above and affects its brilliance and light dispersion. At Steven Stone, in order to maintain our high reputation fo…click for more

The Beauty of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose-Gold-Engagement-Ring After years of platinum and white gold being a clear favourite for engagement rings, rose gold is beginning to increase in popularity. Often referred to as pink gold, the rosy colour of the metal is created when a small amount of copper is mixed with yellow gold. The Assay office state that “The addition of copper considerably heightens the yellow colour of gold, the alloy passing through different grades of yellow to red-yellow, and finally to the rich red of copper, as the proportion of copper is increased.”  Rose gold has very similar qualities and properties to yellow gold, making it ideal for contemporary diamond jewellery pieces. The highest carat weight available for rose go…click for more

Diamonds Aren’t Every Girl’s Best Friend…

alternative-engagement-rings Find An Alternative Engagement Ring To Match Your Personality Diamonds are the most popular stone when it comes to buying an engagement ring, but what if you’re looking for something a little bit different? Something to stand out and really display your personality and style. Our collection of alternative engagement rings brings a new lease of life to the classic ring, we feature a wide range of designs each set with different coloured stones ideal for a stylish bride-to-be. It is likely that you will be wearing your engagement ring every day, this means the stone in your ring needs to be durable to withstand everyday wear and tear. If you want an alternative engagement ring different fr…click for more

From Yes To I Do – Nicola and Rob’s Engagement Story

Proposal   Rob: ‘We met at University almost ten years ago; Nicola was doing a degree in Photography and I was doing mine in Animation.’ ‘The thought of proposing had been on my mind for some time; the difficulty (and I am sure most men go through similar) was proposing in a way that truly reflected my emotions and our relationship as a whole. After a fair few years spent together and looking to the future, you reach a reflective stage as a couple where it's nice to look at how far you've come and all you have done along the way. I knew that I had to do something epic which epitomised it all!’ ‘I had known ever since we visited Prague as a couple back in 2014, that one day I wanted t…click for more

Most Popular Diamond Shapes For 2017

GIA Diamonds Diamonds are alluring stones that come in a variety of shapes. Once a rough diamond has been taken from the ground it will be cut and shaped by skilled craftsmen, to become the enticing shapes you see on all of our engagement rings. We have put together a list of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings in 2017: Round Brilliant Diamond The round brilliant cut diamond is the traditional and most popular choice for an engagement ring. We sell on average 80% more round diamonds than anything other shapes. The round diamond consists of 58 facets divided among the crown, girdle and pavilion of the stone. For this shape diamond you should look for ultimate brilliance and sparkle, w…click for more

Why We Only Sell GIA Diamonds

GIA-diamonds Why do Steven Stone only use GIA-certified diamonds? Here at Steven Stone we only sell diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) because they are the most stringent and respected diamond grading body in the world. Suppliers send their diamonds to be graded by experts in GIA laboratories who compare the diamonds to what are known as ‘master stones’. Their diamond experts assess each diamond based on the 4 ‘Cs’; cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Cut is determined from the average opinion of three experts and is arguably the most important as it affects your diamond’s sparkle! The colour ranges from D which is absolutely colourless to Z which has a strong…click for more

Car Boot Sale Diamond Sells For £650k at Auction

diamonds Car boot sales are a great place to find hidden gems but these usually take the form of a valuable cutlery set or cheap electrical items. For one woman at West Middlesex Hospital car boot sale in west London this hidden gem was literally a 26.27 carat cushion shaped diamond ring. Bought for £10 in the 1980s, the owner assumed it was just a piece of costume jewellery and had no idea of its true value. She wore it regularly while carrying out chores and only decided to have it valued earlier this year. Following inspection, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recently confirmed it as a genuine diamond. Although no one knows how it arrived at the car boot sale, the diamond, nicknamed t…click for more

Top Things To Know Before You Buy An Engagement Ring

Top-Things-To-Know-Before-You-Buy-An-Engagement-Ring The first record of engagement rings dates back to ancient times, when Romans began giving their future brides engagement rings instead of money before marriage. This Roman custom is inspired by an even older tradition originating in ancient Egypt where Egyptians believed that circles were a symbol of eternity and began exchanging rings made of reeds. Diamond engagement rings became a trend in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement ring and began a trend to last centuries. In the 50s De Beers group launched a campaign 'Diamonds are forever' which skyrocketed diamond engagement ring sales. Engagement rings are a must for any proposal, not for…click for more

From Yes To I Do – Leonie and Rob’s Engagement Story

  This month we feature an incredibly magical proposal; he popped the question in one of the most stunning locations. Here is their romantic story: When Leonie and Rob went to Norway, little did Leonie suspect her dream proposal was going to take place. Rob asked the big question under the Northern Lights with a stunning pear-shaped diamond engagement ring from Steven Stone. Leonie looks back on her proposal:   “The evening we arrived in Tromsø, Rob and I went for a wander around Presvannet Lake, admiring the beautiful moonlit views. As I was taking photos of the breath-taking Lady Aurora (I honestly couldn't believe our luck), I turned around and... Rob was on one knee!…click for more

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