Find a luxury for less, up to 60% off diamond jewellery

Save up to 60% on diamond and gemstone jewellery from our online instagram shop. The shop has a range of stunning diamond and gemstone jewellery, the perfect gifts for loved ones. Christmas is fast approaching, beat the queues and browse our shop from the comfort of your own home. Better still, receive a further 10% off your first order by quoting code FIRST50 via direct message through our instagram shop. Visit the shop here @steven_stone_shop.   Some of our favourite pieces this week 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Crossover Ring RRP £2800 our price £1399.99 A stunning and versatile addition to a jewellery collection. This ring is the perfect day to night piece. 18ct Yellow Gold…click for more

709ct ‘peace diamond’ to help Sierra Leone’s poorest

Dakar, Sierra Leone will auction one of the worlds largest diamonds later this year. The intention is for the proceeds to fund development projects, in the community where the stone was discovered, the group managing the auction reported yesterday. 709ct peace diamond The diamond is 709 ct, and has been named the 'peace diamond' due to the benefits its sale would have on the poor community. The impressive stone was found in the Eastern Kono region in March this year, by Christian Pastor Emmanuel Momoh. The pastor handed the stone to Sierra Leones government, in the hope that its sale could fund crucial development in the poverty stricken community.  The group managing the auction, Rapap…click for more

Alternative engagement rings, for something different

Steven Stone alternative engagement rings Find an engagement ring as unique as your relationship. No two people are the same, and for some, a classic design just doesn't cut it. Alternative styles can provide a refreshing change to traditional engagement ring styles, with many colourful gemstones, dimensions and unusual settings offering something different. 18ct White Gold Oval Orange Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring This beautiful ring features 82 sparkling diamonds, a total of 0.72ct, framing a vibrant orange sapphire centre stone, with a weight of 5.07ct. With an alluring fiery warmth, the orange sapphire set against diamonds creates a dazzling contrast. Sapphires are said to symbolise not just power and strength, but wisdom …click for more

Yellow gold engagement rings are back

Yellow-Gold-Engagement-Ring-and-Diamond Yellow gold engagement rings can have a reputation for looking dated, but the classic precious metal is making a comeback Yellow gold began its reign in the 1960s and soon became the standard for all bridal jewellery. It quickly became identified as a very traditional and classic look. Around the mid 90s, white metals such as white gold and platinum became a popular option. Jewellers were creating modern and contemporary diamond rings using these white metals. Soon after they became the 'modern' standard for all engagement rings and still dominate the market 2 decades later. Recent trends have seen brides-to-be moving back towards the classic yellow gold engagement rings. With vintage clo…click for more

Yellow gold engagement rings: our favourite styles

Steven Stone yellow gold engagement rings Yellow gold; a classic choice The warmth and vibrance of yellow gold earns its place as a timeless classic. Learn more about the precious metal here.  We have selected some of our favourite yellow gold engagement rings. Take a look, you might find your perfect ring.                Our favourite yellow gold engagement rings: 18ct Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Wedfit 6 Claw engagement ring For those with classic taste, an elegant solitaire setting brings emphasis to the round centre stone. The warmth of the gold creates a striking contrast next to the icy sparkle of the diamond. The rounded shape makes this ring suitable for someone with a more a…click for more

Yellow gold, the most ancient precious metal

Gold nuggests What is yellow gold? With a warm tone more golden than its whiter counterparts, yellow gold is the name given to classic gold. For as long as humans can remember (or history books tell us), gold has been a substance of value, beauty, wealth and power. How much do you know about the precious metal?  For our favourite yellow gold engagement rings, browse our recent blog here. Quick facts Gold is one of the heaviest substances on earth. When pure, it has a specific gravity of 19.3. The International weight measurement of gold is the troy ounce. One troy ounce of gold equals 31.1 grams. The chemical symbol for gold is AU, from the Latin ‘aurum’ meaning ‘shining dawn’. Ar…click for more

Diamond Investment- the new gold bar?

An investors best friend Diamonds now rival gold as an investment opportunity, the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDIX) reported on Tuesday. SDIX introduced a new standardised form of diamonds, which will become a safe-haven alternative to cash, much like gold ingots. Due to the fluctuations in quality, diamonds have previously been viewed as an unreliable store of value. The differences between each precious stone complicates trading, and the value becomes subjective. Chairman and founder of SDIR Alain Vandenborre, says technology has found a solution to the problem, claiming "diamonds can become the new gold." Diamond Bullion is introduced Diamond Bullion, produced by the S…click for more

Proposal stories, Kelly & Rachel

Love is in the air We spoke to Kelly, a happy customer, about her recent engagement to partner Rachel.  How did you meet your partner? "I met Rachel in May 2014, through mutual friends. As soon as we met I knew she was the one. We quickly got together within a few weeks of meeting and spent everyday of that summer together." How did you propose? "Earlier this year we went to Florence and Pisa, and had the most amazing time. It was then I knew I wanted to make this the year to propose. We returned to Italy in August, this time to Venice, where I asked the question by a quiet canal in the evening. We both have a love for travel and holidays." Tell us about the ring you chose? "The …click for more

Bespoke jewellery design – where to start?

Bespoke-jewellery-design Tailored to your taste, tailored to your vision, tailored to your budget.   Here at Steven Stone, we specialise in creating custom bespoke jewellery. We have hundreds of beautiful, ready to wear pieces of jewellery available, but there’s a chance that you may require something just that little bit more personal. We can recreate famous engagement rings, remodel your old jewellery into a new piece, or create a one of a kind piece designed by you. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of jewellery experts are here to guide you and optimise your budget, at each step of the bespoke process. The beauty of the bespoke process is that it is tailored precisely for you.   How does th…click for more

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