From Yes To I Do – Leonie and Rob’s Engagement Story

  This month we feature an incredibly magical proposal; he popped the question in one of the most stunning locations. Here is their romantic story: When Leonie and Rob went to Norway, little did Leonie suspect her dream proposal was going to take place. Rob asked the big question under the Northern Lights with a stunning pear-shaped diamond engagement ring from Steven Stone. Leonie looks back on her proposal:   “The evening we arrived in Tromsø, Rob and I went for a wander around Presvannet Lake, admiring the beautiful moonlit views. As I was taking photos of the breath-taking Lady Aurora (I honestly couldn't believe our luck), I turned around and... Rob was on one knee!…click for more

How to match bridal jewellery to your wedding gown

Like most aspects of wedding planning, choosing bridal jewellery can be frustrating and confusing. Most brides search for universal and high quality bridal jewellery, to match their fashion style and suitable to wear on other occasions. Ideally, you will buy bridal jewellery which ticks all boxes and matches with your wedding dress. Here are some expert tips on how to do that. Blue Sapphires are the most popular gem stone choice for bridal jewellery and gemstone engagement rings, as they symbolise loyalty and friendship. Traditionally, every bride should wear something  old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Sapphires are one of the most popular choices for blue brida…click for more

Jewellery DOs and DON’Ts

Maintaining your jewellery in pristine condition does not require any specific equipment or detergents. Diamonds can easily be cleaned with warm water, soap and a soft brush. It is very important to regularly clean your diamond jewellery and engagement ring, as diamonds naturally attract dirt. We advise that you have your jewellery inspected as often as possible - you don't want to risk losing a diamond, gemstone or even an entire bracelet if the clip is not secure. It is best to have your jewellery evaluated and insured. Most pieces increase their value over time, with an average of about £300 per year for good quality diamond jewellery and engagement rings. Store your jewellery in a se…click for more

Does my diamond look big in this?

engagement rings make diamond look larger There are several clever tips to optimise your budget when buying an engagement ring. Here is how to make a modest diamond look bigger! With 86% of women stating that the overall look of the ring is the most important factor, the style of the ring is the main thing to keep in mine when buying your engagement ring. However to optimise your diamond there are several options you could go for. A thinner band would make the diamond seem larger, especially if you choose a band design that narrows at the point where it holds the diamond. Another way to make the centre stone of your engagement ring seem larger is by adding side stones. A traditional option is to have 3 stones in you engagement ring…click for more

1930s Wedding Inspiration

When thinking of the 1930s, our collective memory brings out glamour, fashion, sophistication and romance. It was in age when men on football stadiums dressed smart, wore tailored suits, ties and hats. A decade in which dressing well was never synonymous with brands and purple labels, but with classy, perfectly fitting, custom-made clothing and an incredible sense of style. It was also a period of a great financial breakdown, when scarcity struck millions and many went hungry. Read more: 9 things to know before your wedding For many, the only accessible and affordable getaway was Hollywood. It drew millions into the cinemas and submerged them into its dazzling and dreamy movies. The film…click for more

Celebrity Proposals

Here are our favourite celebrity engagements featuring large brilliant diamond engagement rings, romantic destinations and glorious proposals. Lady Gaga announced her engagement with Taylor Kinney on Valentine's day 2015, after a 4 year relationship with the actor. He asked the big question with a heart shaped diamond platinum engagement ring. Lady Gaga announced the engagement on Instagram with the caption 'He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!', accompanied by a photo of the couple holding hands. The diamond engagement ring was made by celebrity jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz and features a 6ct diamond in a solitaire setting with diamond pave shoulders. Everyt…click for more

How to choose your wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony in a field The most meaningful moment of your wedding is the ceremony - exchanging vows and wedding rings and promising a lifetime of devotion. Your wedding ceremony choice affects the words you will say, the music to be played and the location of your big day. Here is an essential guide on how to choose your wedding ceremony, so it reflects what truly matters to you and your other half Religious Vs Civil Vs Spiritual wedding ceremony Religious wedding ceremonies are the most traditional choice and do not legally differ from a civil wedding ceremony. A Civil wedding is more of a legal contract between both partners, while a religious ceremony is involves promising devotion before friends, family an…click for more

Gemstone engagement rings – Blue sapphire

Gemstone engagement rings are an increasingly popular trend especially among millennials, with Blue Sapphire engagement rings as the best sellers. The precious gem is a popular choice for its symbolism, appearance and value. A favourite gemstone engagement ring choice for celebrities and royals are the blue sapphire sapphire engagement rings. One of the most popular blue sapphire engagement rings is Kate Middleton's, given by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. The regal jewel is a trendsetter and one of the main reasons sapphire engagement rings are so wanted. The ring belonged to his mother Diana, the princess of Wales. She chose an 18ct oval sapphire with 14 solitaire diamonds when s…click for more

How to create a bespoke engagement ring

bespoke engagement rings You are about to make one of the most significant purchases and ask one of the most important questions of your life. Although there are thousands of stunning, ready to wear engagement rings, bespoke pieces are the way to go if you want to tie the knot with a truly unique ring. Here are some ideas on optimising your budget and designing a bespoke engagement ring. Add coloured gemstones To optimise your budget or make a personalised piece, explore gemstone varieties and possible combinations. You could opt for your partner's birthstone, pick a gem for its symbolism or simply choose a stone you know they would love. Rubies are known as a symbol of power and passion, while blue sapphires are …click for more

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