Top 5 Ways to Propose to Your Other Half

You’ve chosen the ring and now its just a simple case of popping the question, right? Getting down on one knee and asking that big question can be a one of the most daunting prospect in your life, particularly if you’re not sure where to do it. We have put together the top 5 ways to propose to your other half. Hopefully this will give a little inspiration on how to make your proposal perfect just for you.

1. Propose at your favourite restaurant

A popular way to propose to your other half is during a romantic meal, somewhere you both love to eat, maybe at your favourite restaurant. You can even get creative with how you ask the all important question. Why not ask the waiter/waitress to hide the ring in something she has ordered, or you could copy some of the greatest romantic films and get down on one knee in front of everyone in the restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

2. Propose at the place you met

Taking your partner back to the place you first met or even had your first date can be one of the most romantic things to do. If it’s too difficult to get there, or the ideal isn’t quite ideal, you could choose a place that has great significance for the two of you – maybe somewhere you go to every day, that you want to connect with your special moment. 

3. Propose at a special time of year

Popular occasions are a good time to propose, the most obvious of course being Valentine’s Day. The Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve are also popular days to propose. To make it even more personal pick the day you first met or a special anniversary for the two of you.

4. Propose on holiday

How about making a special trip to somewhere a little different to create a proposal to remember? It could be somewhere exotic or perhaps near a famous landmark. Another perfect location would be somewhere you have both visited before, somewhere that is close to your hearts that you will treasure forever. Either way make sure you do your research before hand to find somewhere perfectly romantic. 

5. Propose at Home

Proposing at home may not seem very special but it does mean that you can control the scenario and create a completely romantic environment in the most relaxed setting of all. This option is also cost effective if you are on a budget or if your partner is a private person. You can create a special moment for just the two of you without any prying eyes.

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