New Trend – Gold Plated, Diamond Encrusted Contact Lenses!

Custom made Gold plated diamond contact lenses are the latest fashion buzz in the diamond and jewellery world.
Gold Plated, Diamond Contact Lenses

Gold Plated, Diamond Contact Lenses

Over the years we have seen celebrities wear diamonds in some unusual places like their teeth or running trainers; now for a price of 15k a pair, they can buy twinkles in their eyes by wearing gold plated diamond contact lenses. The world’s first diamond encrusted contact lenses have been created by Chandrashekhar Chawan – an Indian optometrist who works in India’s Shekhar Eye Research Centre. Each lens weighs around 5 grams and holds water in front of the cornea to soothe the eye. The diamonds sit between 6mm and 9mm away from the cornea of the eye. What are your views on gold plated diamond contact lenses? Will they become the next big trend in Hollywood?

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