Check out Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Huge Diamond and Sapphire Rings

To celebrate the arrival of Jay-Z’s first born daughter Ivy Blue Carter he receives a ‘push present’ in the form of a large blue sapphire and diamond ring. Recently – especially in the celebrity world there has been a trend of giving ‘push gifts’ to mothers from their partners, after they have given birth as a token of thanks to all the pain she went through during the birth.
jay-z sapphire and diamond ring

Jay-Z flaunts his sapphire and diamond ring to celebrate the birth of their daughter

As a token to say thank you for being so supportive through her pregnancy and birth of their daughter, Beyonce has bought her husband a pricey sapphire and diamond ring – reportedly worth $500k. jay-z sapphire and diamond ring Jay-Z also gave Beyonce a ‘push gift’ after the birth, in the form of a very large sapphire ring that looks to be surrounded by smaller round sapphire stones seen in the pictures below. beyonce's sapphire ring beyonce's sapphire ring

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