The $80,000 Diamond Encrusted Barbie Beyoncé and Jay-Z Gave to Blue Ivy Carter

Last week proud parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated their daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s first birthday and it true fashion dazzled her with diamond gifts. The couple gave Blue Ivy Carter a one of a kind diamond-encrusted Barbie costing $80,000 (£50,000). We’re not sure what the Barbie looks like, but the one below is recorded as the world’s most expensive diamond set Barbie.

diamond barbie

diamond barbie

This unique Barbie is set with a total of 160 diamonds and white gold jewellery. Beyonce and Jay-Z also through a lavish princess style birthday party in New York, inviting close friends and family. The party was decorated with £60,000 worth of pink roses and a special princess cake that cost £1.500. To entertain the younger guests at the party the couple spent £20,000 on accessories and toys. We wonder what diamond and jewels they will gift to their daughter as she gets older.

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