The Art Deco Engagement Ring

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Whilst most of us ladies love our engagement rings, there is also a good chance that every now and then we will feel a pang of jealousy at the beautiful ring of someone else.
Often it is in the celebrity world, where it seems an approach of bigger is better applies! Many celebrity ladies in the spotlight can be seen in showbiz magazines, showing off their ultra stylish new sparklers; boasting a variety of stones and styles. A recent example of this has to be Pippa Middleton. Whilst she may not have been splashing her beautiful platinum engagement ring throughout the showbiz world, it is pretty hard to miss such an impressive ring.

An asscher cut diamond halo design rumoured to have cost in the region of £200k. In addition to its stunning centre stone its gorgeous lines and ornate placements give it a distinct art deco feel.
So, with this gorgeous ring on everyone’s mind, it seems that this may be starting a revolution in the world of art deco rings.

What is art deco jewellery?

Art deco jewellery often has stylish, geometric designs that have a huge leaning towards symmetry and clean and precise lines.
It is elegant, simple, yet extremely beautiful. They can be made from one simple stone or a combination of a variety of stones to balance one another out.

What makes it popular?

Aside from the fact that it is extremely stylish; one of the draws of art deco jewellery for people is that it simply never goes out of style. Some trends come and go, but when it comes to wearing art deco jewellery you know that you will always be at the height of fashion.

Not only this, but art deco styles can also compliment other styles of jewellery too. This is especially true for engagement rings. When they are combined with a simple wedding band, or perhaps even with a more ornate matching style ring. Dropping hints for the ideal engagement ring? Or are you the man looking to ask that all important question? Why not take a look at our range of art deco inspired jewellery and see if they might just be the right one for you?

Top 3 Art Deco Engagement Rings

Platinum Asscher Cut Wedfit Halo Pave Set Shoulders

Platinum Asscher Cut Wedfit Halo Cutdown Shoulder

Platinum Asscher Cut Wedfit Halo Split Cutdown Shoulder

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