Three Ways to Maximise Your Budget When Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a daunting experience and can be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your lifetime. We’ve put together three essential tips for when it comes to buying an engagement ring, meaning you can get that impressive diamond ring without blowing your life savings.

Avoid Diamonds from a Big Brand:

Every certificated diamond is graded in the same way and will all be have the same 4 Cs categories regardless of the brand selling them. The design and style of the engagement ring is what distinguishes each brand from another. Start by finding your perfect diamond at the best prices possible. You can then get this diamond set in to any particular branded engagement ring. You should never feel your only options is a branded engagement ring, especially when smaller trustworthy jewellers are capable of producing the same designs to a much higher standard. A selection of jewellers reduce the price even more by designing and manufacturing their own settings and mounts for engagement rings. The most important thing when looking for a quality diamond, is to only to buy a diamond that has been certificated by a diamond laboratory – the top laboratory is GIA. They are the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and are the leading source of knowledge and standards for gems and jewellery.

GIA Diamonds

Go for Low Clarity and Colour Grades:

Most people think engagement rings must have a diamond that is completely clear, with a the best possible clarity grade for the diamond to look perfect – no imperfections, blemishes or marks. Diamond clarity grades start with IF (internally flawless), but grades from VVS1 to VS2 show tiny marks that are only visible through a microscopic lens. A small imperfection in a diamond won’t effect its appearance to the naked eye or make it less ‘fiery’. This also applies to the diamond colour grade. It is a common misconception to think that unless a diamond is colour grade D, it will appear with a yellow tint. Diamonds graded with a colour between E and J still have a very white colour. You will only start to notice if a diamond is not completely white when it is placed next to a D colour grade diamond.

Buy Online:

Just like any retailer with physical stores, profit margins on products are usually well over 50 percent, however online retailers will have much lower profit margins. Being online allows customers to easily compare prices meaning that online jewellers, particularly selling engagement rings are extremely competitive with their prices. You are guaranteed to find a well made, beautiful setting and high quality diamond for your engagement ring all at an affordable price, online.


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