Shape Up Your Wedding Ring!

The engagement ring is a pinnacle piece of jewellery, a timeless symbol to treasure throughout your life. So how do you choose the perfect wedding ring to complement it perfectly?

Engagement rings are forever evolving, but the sentiment remains consistent. Wedding rings follow a similar pattern, ever changing with new designs emerging year on year. This means finding the perfect style to complement your engagement ring can be a difficult process. A common desire which has been increasing in popularity in recent years, is a wedding ring that will perfectly fit next to their engagement ring. At Steven Stone we create a variety of bespoke shaped wedding rings to fit each engagement ring style. Each shaped wedding ring is unique to a customer, as an engagement ring from Steven Stone can vary in many ways. Many of our engagement rings are ‘Wedfit’ ring styles, where the diamond sits higher up on a split shank bridge, this allows any wedding band to fit perfectly next to the engagement ring with no gap.

What To Consider

When looking for a wedding ring, the main thing to take in to consideration is the shape of your engagement ring and how you want your wedding ring to look sitting next to it. Here are a selection of examples for you to consider:

A twist or curved shaped wedding ring is designed to fit against the shape of your engagement ring. If you have opted for an unusual diamond shape or a twist or compass set ring you may want to shape your wedding ring to match the diamond shape. A Twist shaped wedding ring is the perfect match for these settings, the subtle shape fits perfectly next to the engagement ring while still looking beautiful on it’s own.

You may also want to add some extra sparkle with a diamond set wedding ring. Whether you have a classic solitaire engagement ring, a three stone or even an engagement ring set with a band of stunning diamonds, the addition of a diamond wedding ring is the final touch in creating the perfect bridal look. We use three setting styles for our diamond wedding ring collection:

Cut Down Set Diamond Wedding Ring







Diamond Channel Set Wedding Ring







Pavé Set Diamond Wedding Ring







The best way to establish which style of wedding ring will best suit your style is to bring your engagement ring in to one of our showrooms. One of our experts can then discuss all of your options with you. Many people believe commissioning a bespoke wedding ring to fit your engagement ring is a long and complicated process, however this is not the case. In fact, it can be seamless and easy to create your perfect wedding ring. It’s often easier as you already have your engagement ring to base your ideas and design around and our expert jewellers can work with the shape you already have. You can book a consultation here .


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