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Here at Steven Stone, we are in the business of love which means for us, being part of your special journey makes our jobs worthwhile. We love to hear proposal stories from our happy customers. For some, an extravagant proposal is in order, and for others a simple but meaningful way to pop the question is more fitting. No matter how you propose or are proposed to, if it resonates with you it will spark the beginning of an exciting life together.

One of our clients, Nana, and his fiancée Sara, admit that they prove the age-old saying that opposites attract.

Nana and Sara met five years ago at their local gym and found that they just enjoyed talking to each other whenever they trained. They soon discovered that although they seemed to have very different interests including completely different music tastes as well as careers, they wanted to spend more time together. They also had varying interests and types of characters they were normally attracted to.

As Sara says, ‘I guess the saying opposites attract kicked in because we became quite curious and wanted to know each other’s world.’

Nana: ‘The excitement of two different cultures coming together, personalities, beliefs, memories we shared and are creating as well as our growth, brought us closer over the years and our differences became common interests. We do challenge and push each other and hope to carry on as we start our matrimonial journey.’

Nana chose a beautiful platinum round brilliant simple-set diamond ring and the couple will soon be getting married. Congratulations to the happy couple!

For another of our clients, Laura, it was very important that her family shared the special day with her and fiancé, Oliver.

Laura: ‘His plan was always to propose with my 89-year-old grandma there as I am very close to her and he wanted to include her however she had been really unwell in the run up to the engagement so he changed his plan.’

Oliver got down on one knee at Laura’s grandmother’s house in front of both her and Laura’s parents.

Laura: ‘It was perfect as it was a complete surprise for both of us and she was delighted to be included! To make it more special it is her 90th birthday in a few weeks so we got engaged in the same year as her 90th; double the celebrations!’ Best wishes from all of us at Steven Stone.

For Krishna and Gary, their journey to getting engaged has felt like a real-life fairy tale.

Krishna says, ‘In everyone’s eyes our story is very simple; nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s special to me because it’s our story! Our fairy-tale goes like this; girl meets boy and boy meets girl, they fall in love and start dreaming of their happy ever after…’

Krishna and Gary met in the spring of 2008 and quickly fell in love with one another. Krishna says, ‘I found a friend in him, a soulmate; my everything.’

Gary proposed in February 2017; most fittingly on Valentine’s Day.

Krishna says, ‘After almost nine years together he took me by surprise and got down on one knee. He proposed at the altar of our dream wedding venue and asked me to be his wife this fall, December 2017.’

We are looking forward to welcoming Gary and Krishna back to choose their wedding rings before the big day.

Krishna: ‘So to complete my fairy tale, we will be back just before the wedding to create my fairy tale wedding ring. The best news of all is we get married this year!’

Thank you to all of our customers for sharing your stories with us, we wish you all a wonderful life together.

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