163 carat flawless diamond necklace, unveiled

Flawless diamond

A diamond necklace featuring a 163-carat flawless emerald stone has been unveiled today, in Hong Kong. This is the largest of its kind to ever be put up for auction.

Diamond necklace featuring 163-carat flawless emerald stone, largest of its kind ever to be put up for an auction, has been unveiled in Hong Kong on Thursday September 28th

404-carat diamond discovered in early February 2016 in Angola

A rare find

The diamond was cut from the 404-carat stone, named the “4 de Fevereiro” discovered in early February 2016 in Angola. The uncut stone was roughly the length of a credit card, and was mined by the Lulo Diamond Project, a partnership between Endiama, Angola’s national diamond company, Lucapa Diamond Company, and a private investor, Rosas & Pétalas. 

Swiss jewellery house De Grisogono bought the rights to the impressive stone, at an estimated $16 million.

It is classified as a rare Type IIa, meaning there is almost a complete absence of nitrogen in the stone. This means aesthetically is it virtually flawless, earning it’s impressive ‘most beautiful’ title and hefty price tag. It is D-coloured, or ‘entirely colourless.’

According to the Gemological Institute of America, this is the rarest, therefore most valuable, colour grade for a white diamond. The stone was considered the 27th largest precious stone ever discovered in the world. It was the quality of the stone rather than size, that attracted such attention. The combination of both its size and quality, explains industry experts have referred to the stone as ‘historic’.

The diamond was cut from the 404-carat stone, named the "4 de Fevereiro" discovered in early February 2016 in Angola 

Making the impressive piece

A talented team of 10 diamond-cutting specialists were involved in cutting and polishing the rough stone, over a period of 11 months. Once cut, the stone was designed into a unique piece.

It took over 1700 hours to create this unique piece, and involved a team of 14 craftsmen and their knowledge, commitment to perfection for each intricate detail in the necklace. 

The striking 163.41-carat D-color flawless diamond is suspended on an asymmetrical necklace, featuring 18 emerald-cut diamonds on the left, and two rows of pear-shaped emeralds on the right.

The finished piece is named ‘The Art of de Grisogono’ and will be presented in a series of public viewings around the world, before it goes up for an auction at Christie’s in Geneva on November 14th.

The De Grisogono 163.41-carat D-color flawless diamond. 18 emerald-cut diamonds on the left, two rows of pear-shaped emeralds on the right.

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