Bespoke jewellery design – where to start?

Tailored to your taste, tailored to your vision, tailored to your budget.


Here at Steven Stone, we specialise in creating custom bespoke jewellery.

We have hundreds of beautiful, ready to wear pieces of jewellery available, but there’s a chance that you may require something just that little bit more personal. We can recreate famous engagement rings, remodel your old jewellery into a new piece, or create a one of a kind piece designed by you.

Our friendly, knowledgeable team of jewellery experts are here to guide you and optimise your budget, at each step of the bespoke process.

The beauty of the bespoke process is that it is tailored precisely for you.


How does the bespoke process work?


  1. Inspiration & Design

A wise place to start is to collect images, sketches or examples that inspire your design. There are many aspects to consider such as metal type, gemstones or diamonds you may include, dimensions, and overall aesthetic. Our jewellery experts will work alongside you to gather a quote, taking all your preferences into consideration first. 

Steven Stone bespoke process CAD stage

  1. CAD Development

Once you have approved the design and quote, we will produce a digital model of your piece of jewellery. This is called a CAD (computer aided design). You can alter your design at this stage, our experts will liaise closely with you to keep you in the loop.  This stage gives you an opportunity to see your design with different precious metals, different gem stone varieties, and other modifications. Our experts will guide you through the development of your design, advising on the best options, with your budget and vision in mind.  

  1. 3D wax print

The process of creating a physical model begins, but only once you are completely happy with your design. We use state of the art 3D printing technology to create the model, which we print in wax and attach to a ‘casting tree’. The next step is to place the wax model into a casting flask, which is then filled with investment solution. 

  1. Casting

At the next design stage we cast the jewellery in metal. After the solution has set into the flask, it then goes into a furnace. The wax burns away, which leaves a reverse mould. We then fill the reverse mould with precious metals. Gold and platinum alloys are cast in a vacuum pressure machine, where we heat the metal to over 1000 degrees celsius. Once the precious metals cool, we clean the jewellery and send it to be hallmarked.

Steven Stone master goldsmith examining bespoke ring

  1. Quality control

At the final stage of the design process, our in-house master goldsmith sets the diamonds or gemstones with expert craftsmanship. Once complete, we check the bespoke piece meticulously. Our goldsmith, quality control team, and your personal order manager all inspect the jewellery. Once we have made sure the jewellery is in perfect condition, we polish and prepare for an instore collection, or for secure shipping. We photograph the piece under a high quality macro lens, to ensure there are absolutely no imperfections on your jewellery before it reaches you. 

Steven Stone master goldsmith examining bespoke ring

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of our bespoke pieces:

Steven Stone bespoke ringSteven Stone bespoke ring

Steven Stone bespoke ringSteven Stone bespoke ring

Steven Stone bespoke pendantSteven Stone bespoke pendant

Steven Stone bespoke diamond ring   Steven Stone bespoke ring

Steven Stone bespoke ringSteven Stone bespoke diamond ring

View more pieces on our bespoke gallery here.

A bespoke piece of jewellery goes that extra mile to express personality, creative flair and a unique significance. A bespoke gift is perfect for engagements, birthdays, anniversaries or even a treat for yourself. 

If you would like to create some bespoke jewellery, please get in touch. 

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