Yellow gold engagement rings are back

Yellow gold engagement rings can have a reputation for looking dated, but the classic precious metal is making a comeback

Yellow-Gold-Engagement-Ring-Steven-StoneYellow gold began its reign in the 1960s and soon became the standard for all bridal jewellery. It quickly became identified as a very traditional and classic look. Around the mid 90s, white metals such as white gold and platinum became a popular option. Jewellers were creating modern and contemporary diamond rings using these white metals. Soon after they became the ‘modern’ standard for all engagement rings and still dominate the market 2 decades later.

Recent trends have seen brides-to-be moving back towards the classic yellow gold engagement rings. With vintage clothing and design making a resurgence, people are looking for more traditional rings to complement their own individual style. The yellow metal creates a more unique style than their white gold counterpart. The colour adds a softness to the jewellery with a subtle acknowledgement of the romantic era of the 19th century.

yellow gold bar and diamonds

As the most malleable precious metal, yellow gold is ideal to work with when creating jewellery. Although unaffected by many chemicals, it can still tarnish. Pure gold will easily scratch as it is an extremely soft metal. To increase the strength of this precious metal, for use in jewellery, it is alloyed with a variety of other metals (zinc, copper and silver). The percentage of alloyed metals determines the purity of the gold. 100% pure gold is defined as 24 carat therefore 18ct yellow gold is 75% pure (18/24) giving this carat a deeper yellow hue than lower carat golds.

Why is yellow gold a good choice for engagement rings?

The elegant tones of yellow gold is particularly flattering on olive to darker skin tones. The warm hue makes the metal ideal for both classic and modern engagement ring styles. Whether you’re are looking for a modern take on a classic engagement ring, or looking to create a vintage inspired diamond ring to suit your unique style, yellow gold is the ideal metal and we are loving this trend!

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