How does white gold compare to platinum?

White gold is a popular alternative to classic yellow gold, and a lower priced alternative to platinum. There are pros and cons of both white metals, as they have very different properties. If you are considering purchasing an engagement ring, and you’re not sure which to opt for, a good start would be to read up on both metals. You can find out more about platinum here. Once you have a bit of research behind you, it will be easier to make a confident, well informed purchase. There are a few factors to take into consideration, such as the lifestyle of the recipient of the ring, their taste, and of course your budget. If you have any other questions you can contact one of our jewellery experts.


What is white gold?

The metal is made up of natural gold, which is yellow, and a mixture of metals, commonly nickel, palladium, platinum and manganese. The other metals reinforce the strength, and act as bleaching agents, lightening the colour to give it a whiteness that sets it apart from natural, yellow gold.

The yellow warmth of the natural gold can never be completely erased however, so to whiten the metal further it is often plated in rhodium. The plating does wear away with time, at which point the jewellery will require re plating. Extra care can be taken to prolong the lifespan of the rhodium finish, such as removing jewellery before washing up, cleaning or swimming. Find out how we help protect your Steven Stone jewellery here.

As with natural gold, the purity of white gold is measured in carats. This figure is hallmarked onto the jewellery, to show the gold content.

Steven Stone 18ct white gold engagement ringSteven Stone 18ct white gold engagement ring

How does white gold differ from Platinum?

To the untrained eye, white gold will appear almost the same as platinum, as both are white metals. White gold has very different properties to platinum however.

  • As white gold contains some natural gold, it does have a slight yellow tone to it, as opposed to platinum which is truly white.
  • It is harder than platinum, meaning it retains its shine for longer. This comes down to taste, some prefer the ‘patina’ finish that develops on platinum rings, as it can enhance the sparkle of the diamond.
  • It may require more maintenance, such as re plating, to keep yellowing at bay.
  • White gold is lighter, as platinum is more dense. Some may find the lightness of gold to be preferable over the heavier weight of platinum.
  • The metal is an affordable alternative to platinum jewellery and its colour suits diamonds and gemstones perfectly.

18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond ringsWhite gold jewellery at Steven Stone

Steven Stone uses only 18 carat white gold. This provides the perfect blend of malleability, richness and strength.

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