Bespoke Diamond Ring

Your jewellery questions, answered

Purchasing a piece of significant jewellery, such as an engagement ring, can be a daunting prospect. There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure you optimise your budget, stick to your timescale, and emerge with something you truly love. To clear up some grey areas, lets run through some questions that might be on your mind. Where do I start when buying an engagement ring, how does it work? Steven Stone is a bespoke jewellers, so we only hold a small amount of ready made engagement rings. Usually we make pieces of jewellery specially for a customer. When buying an engagement ring, you would begin by finding the perfect setting, you would then select your diamond, and then…click for more

Alternative engagement rings, for something different

Steven Stone alternative engagement rings Find an engagement ring as unique as your relationship. No two people are the same, and for some, a classic design just doesn't cut it. Alternative styles can provide a refreshing change to traditional engagement ring styles, with many colourful gemstones, dimensions and unusual settings offering something different. 18ct White Gold Oval Orange Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring This beautiful ring features 82 sparkling diamonds, a total of 0.72ct, framing a vibrant orange sapphire centre stone, with a weight of 5.07ct. With an alluring fiery warmth, the orange sapphire set against diamonds creates a dazzling contrast. Sapphires are said to symbolise not just power and strength, but wisdom …click for more

Bespoke jewellery design – where to start?

Bespoke-jewellery-design Tailored to your taste, tailored to your vision, tailored to your budget.   Here at Steven Stone, we specialise in creating custom bespoke jewellery. We have hundreds of beautiful, ready to wear pieces of jewellery available, but there’s a chance that you may require something just that little bit more personal. We can recreate famous engagement rings, remodel your old jewellery into a new piece, or create a one of a kind piece designed by you. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of jewellery experts are here to guide you and optimise your budget, at each step of the bespoke process. The beauty of the bespoke process is that it is tailored precisely for you.   How does th…click for more

Does my diamond look big in this?

Yellow-Gold-Engagement-Ring-and-Diamond There are several clever tips to optimise your budget when buying an engagement ring. Here is how to make a modest diamond look bigger! With 86% of women stating that the overall look of the ring is the most important factor, the style of the ring is the main thing to keep in mind when buying your engagement ring. To optimise your diamond there are several options you could go for. A thinner band would make the diamond seem larger, especially if you choose a band design that narrows at the point where it holds the stone. Another way to make the centre stone of your engagement ring seem larger is by adding side stones. A traditional option is to have 3 stones in your engagement ring, each st…click for more

How to create a bespoke engagement ring

bespoke engagement rings You are about to make one of the most significant purchases and ask one of the most important questions of your life. Although there are thousands of stunning, ready to wear engagement rings, bespoke pieces are the way to go if you want to tie the knot with a truly unique ring. Here are some ideas on optimising your budget and designing a bespoke engagement ring. Add coloured gemstones To optimise your budget or make a personalised piece, explore gemstone varieties and possible combinations. You could opt for your partner's birthstone, pick a gem for its symbolism or simply choose a stone you know they would love. Rubies are known as a symbol of power and passion, while blue sapphires are …click for more

From Yes to I do – Susie and Simon’s Engagement

Perfect-Proposal-with-Steven-Stone This month we will tell you the adorable story behind a lovely engagement. Meet Simon - chartered surveyor from Newcastle upon Tyne and his fiance Susie - a fashion product developer from Milton Keynes. Simon and Susie met at a birthday party in university, through an old childhood friend of hers. Here is their heart-warming story: “She always tells me that she was interested in me from the first time we met in 2009... Along with a number of drunken friends, I performed a striptease for the birthday girl, not my finest hour... It should have completely put her off, but thankfully it didn't!” remembers Simon. They met occasionally over the next few years, but Susie always had a boyfriend…click for more

Expert Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings

Steven Stone Engagement Rings Buying the perfect engagement ring is tough, we know. Different metals, various styles and diamond shapes, settings, colours and sizes, online and in store…With nearly a century of experience and excellent reputation, we guarantee superb quality, expert craftsmanship, fair prices and absolute satisfaction with all Steven Stone jewellery. Our specialists are here to guide you to the right diamond ring. Have a look at our Expert Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings to find the best ring and optimize your budget Understanding the 4Cs The most important and initial feature to consider is the Cut. A precise, high grade cut can compensate a slightly lower carat, which means getting better value …click for more

Engagement ring that suits her – how to find it

Find-the-right-Engagement-Ring-for-her Have you decided to tie the knot but are still confused about the ring design? Perhaps you have your mind set on a specific ring, but you’re not quite certain if it’s absolutely perfect and if she would love it? Here are our specialist tips on how to select an engagement ring that suits her. Jewellery and fashion go hand in hand. The best way to figure out her style preferences is by simply going through her wardrobe. Does she like vintage or contemporary looks, clean classic designs with subtle accessories or bold, extravagant clothing and eye-catching accessories? Take a look in her jewellery box. Your best choice is matching the engagement ring to the jewellery she wears and loves th…click for more

Remodelling Your Engagement Ring – Steven Stone

Jewellery Remodel   Trends come and go and styles change. There are varying reasons as to why you may wish to alter your engagement ring. Your precious diamond may currently be set into a classic solitaire design yet you are now longing for a little added sparkle? Halo designs seem to be catching your eye more and more or maybe you are looking to upgrade your engagement ring from white gold to a platinum engagement ring. Remodelling your diamond or gemstone engagement ring into something completely new is a pretty simple process. Firstly, you would need to narrow down the search of the style in which you are most drawn too. You can find a wide selection of engagement rings on our website or you ma…click for more

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