Jewellery gift guide – Diamond

Steven Stone Gift Guide - Diamond 1. 18ct White Gold Diamond Halo & Spectacle Set Chain Pendant £1450 2. 18ct White Gold Crisscut Halo Pendant £1495 3. Platinum Princess Cut Diamond Crossover Ring £825 4. 18ct White Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Stud Earrings £395 5. 18ct White Gold Diamond Line Bracelet £2595 6. 18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Flower Halo Earrings £1895 7. 18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Flower Halo Ring £1495…click for more

White gold engagement rings, our top picks

White gold engagement rings With an enviable shine and brightness, white gold complements diamonds and gemstones equally well, making it a versatile choice for engagement rings. Browse some of our favourite white gold engagement rings, or learn more about the precious metal here. 18ct White Gold round brilliant engagement ring Beautifully white to perfectly complement the centre stone, this solitaire setting is one of our most popular. The stunning central stone speaks for itself, set against a plain white gold band, for maximum emphasis on the diamond. This beautiful 18ct white gold engagement ring has a round brilliant cut diamond centre stone. This setting is suitable for a …click for more

Find a luxury for less, up to 60% off diamond jewellery

Christmas is fast approaching, beat the queues and browse a range of beautiful jewellery from the comfort of your own home. Save up to 60% on diamond and gemstone jewellery from our online Instagram shop. The shop has an impressive range of pieces, which make perfect gifts for loved ones. Better still, receive a further 10% off your first order by quoting code FIRST50 via direct message through our instagram shop. Visit the shop here @steven_stone_shop. Some of our favourite pieces this week 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Crossover Ring RRP £2800 our price £1399.99 A stunning and versatile addition to a jewellery collection. This ring is the perfect day to night piece. 18ct Yellow …click for more

Diamond Investment- the new gold bar?

An investors best friend Diamonds now rival gold as an investment opportunity, the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDIX) reported on Tuesday. SDIX introduced a new standardised form of diamonds, which will become a safe-haven alternative to cash, much like gold ingots. Due to the fluctuations in quality, diamonds have previously been viewed as an unreliable store of value. The differences between each precious stone complicates trading, and the value becomes subjective. Chairman and founder of SDIR Alain Vandenborre, says technology has found a solution to the problem, claiming "diamonds can become the new gold." Diamond Bullion is introduced Diamond Bullion, produced by the S…click for more

Proposal stories, Kelly & Rachel

Love is in the air We spoke to Kelly, a happy customer, about her recent engagement to partner Rachel. How did you meet your partner? "I met Rachel in May 2014, through mutual friends. As soon as we met I knew she was the one. We quickly got together within a few weeks of meeting and spent everyday of that summer together." How did you propose? "Earlier this year we went to Florence and Pisa, and had the most amazing time. It was then I knew I wanted to make this the year to propose. We returned to Italy in August, this time to Venice, where I asked the question by a quiet canal in the evening. We both have a love for travel and holidays." Tell us about the ring you chose? "The r…click for more

Platinum engagement rings, our favourite styles

Platinum-engagement-rings-blog Platinum; a wise choice Rarer than gold, platinum boasts unrivalled durability, beauty and resilience, making it the perfect metal for engagement rings. Learn more about the precious metal here. We have handpicked some of our favourite platinum engagement ring styles, much as we love all of our designs. Take a look and see if anything is to your taste. Our favourite platinum engagement rings:   Platinum Round Brilliant Swirl Halo Diamond Ring A world apart from classic ring settings, this ring offers a refreshing take on a traditional style. Ideal for those who favour the less conventional option, while still maintaining an air of elegance and high drama. A platinum engagement r…click for more

Most popular engagement ring trends

Buying an engagement ring from Steven Stone Engagement ring trends - worth paying attention to? Researching different rings designs will help you make a well informed purchase. We discuss engagement ring trends over the past year, looking to 2018. It is helpful to be guided by trends, but unwise to be ruled by them. However, researching trends is a good starting point when you begin the often intimidating process of buying an engagement ring. Remember design trends can move quickly and have a limited shelf life, before they may come back round again in a number of years. An engagement ring will last a lifetime. With this in mind, the most important factor to consider is whether it suits the personal taste of the recipient. Tre…click for more

The essential guide to the 4cs

Buying a diamond- where to start? When buying a diamond, many factors must be taken into consideration to ensure you get the best diamond for your budget. The 4Cs of diamonds will help you understand what to look for. The 4 Cs relate to Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. Gaining at least a basic understanding of these features and their correlation between price is key before making a purchase. For ease of reference, our handy infographic breaks down the 4 Cs. The essential guide to the 4cs [pdf-embedder url="" title="The essential guide to the 4cs"]…click for more

The Quick Guide to Buying a Diamond

GIA Diamonds You’ve decide to buy a diamond engagement ring for your partner, but how do you know what diamond to look for, is bigger always better? We're here to help you optimise your budget and help you find an amazing diamond for the best price. Knowing exactly what to look for when buying a diamond will ensure you find the perfect stone for you. There are four main attributes that you should look for selecting you diamond: the 4C’s cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. CUT The diamond’s cut is the most significant of all features. It refers to the stone’s shape viewed from above and affects its brilliance and light dispersion. At Steven Stone, in order to maintain our high reputation fo…click for more

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