Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Your jewellery questions, answered

Purchasing a piece of significant jewellery, such as an engagement ring, can be a daunting prospect. There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure you optimise your budget, stick to your timescale, and emerge with something you truly love. To clear up some grey areas, lets run through some questions that might be on your mind. Where do I start when buying an engagement ring, how does it work? Steven Stone is a bespoke jewellers, so we only hold a small amount of ready made engagement rings. Usually we make pieces of jewellery specially for a customer. When buying an engagement ring, you would begin by finding the perfect setting, you would then select your diamond, and then…click for more

White gold engagement rings, our top picks

White gold engagement rings With an enviable shine and brightness, white gold complements diamonds and gemstones equally well, making it a versatile choice for engagement rings. Browse some of our favourite white gold engagement rings, or learn more about the precious metal here. 18ct White Gold round brilliant engagement ring Beautifully white to perfectly complement the centre stone, this solitaire setting is one of our most popular. The stunning central stone speaks for itself, set against a plain white gold band, for maximum emphasis on the diamond. This beautiful 18ct white gold engagement ring has a round brilliant cut diamond centre stone. This setting is suitable for a …click for more

Alternative engagement rings, for something different

Steven Stone alternative engagement rings Find an engagement ring as unique as your relationship. No two people are the same, and for some, a classic design just doesn't cut it. Alternative styles can provide a refreshing change to traditional engagement ring styles, with many colourful gemstones, dimensions and unusual settings offering something different. 18ct White Gold Oval Orange Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring This beautiful ring features 82 sparkling diamonds, a total of 0.72ct, framing a vibrant orange sapphire centre stone, with a weight of 5.07ct. With an alluring fiery warmth, the orange sapphire set against diamonds creates a dazzling contrast. Sapphires are said to symbolise not just power and strength, but wisdom …click for more

Yellow gold engagement rings: our favourite styles

Steven Stone yellow gold engagement rings Yellow gold; a classic choice The warmth and vibrance of yellow gold earns its place as a timeless classic. Learn more about the precious metal here. We have selected some of our favourite yellow gold engagement rings. Take a look, you might find your perfect ring.             Our favourite yellow gold engagement rings: 18ct Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Wedfit 6 Claw engagement ring For those with classic taste, an elegant solitaire setting brings emphasis to the round centre stone. The warmth of the gold creates a striking contrast next to the icy sparkle of the diamond. The rounded shape makes this ring suitable for someone with a more active l…click for more

Most popular engagement ring trends

Buying an engagement ring from Steven Stone Engagement ring trends - worth paying attention to? Researching different rings designs will help you make a well informed purchase. We discuss engagement ring trends over the past year, looking to 2018. It is helpful to be guided by trends, but unwise to be ruled by them. However, researching trends is a good starting point when you begin the often intimidating process of buying an engagement ring. Remember design trends can move quickly and have a limited shelf life, before they may come back round again in a number of years. An engagement ring will last a lifetime. With this in mind, the most important factor to consider is whether it suits the personal taste of the recipient. Tre…click for more

Three Ways to Maximise Your Budget When Buying an Engagement Ring

Engagement-Rings from Steven Stone Buying a diamond engagement ring is a daunting experience and can be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your lifetime. We've put together three essential tips for when it comes to buying an engagement ring, meaning you can get that impressive diamond ring without blowing your life savings. Avoid Diamonds from a Big Brand: Every certificated diamond is graded in the same way and will all be have the same 4 Cs categories regardless of the brand selling them. The design and style of the engagement ring is what distinguishes each brand from another. Start by finding your perfect diamond at the best prices possible. You can then get this diamond set in to any particular branded …click for more

Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

Jewellery Remodel You’ve finally made the big decision and are considering popping the question to your other half, but what now? There is a lot to take in to consideration, locations for the proposal, something intimate and personal, a big grand gesture or maybe even a holiday away? Then there is the engagement ring…there are so many options out there it can become completely overwhelming. What's her style? The best way to narrow down your search is by first paying attention to the style of jewellery she wears. Does she like gold or platinum jewellery? Large statement pieces or classic elegant designs? Have a look through her jewellery box for some ideas or better yet ask someone close to her like…click for more

Does my diamond look big in this?

Yellow-Gold-Engagement-Ring-and-Diamond There are several clever tips to optimise your budget when buying an engagement ring. Here is how to make a modest diamond look bigger! With 86% of women stating that the overall look of the ring is the most important factor, the style of the ring is the main thing to keep in mind when buying your engagement ring. To optimise your diamond there are several options you could go for. A thinner band would make the diamond seem larger, especially if you choose a band design that narrows at the point where it holds the stone. Another way to make the centre stone of your engagement ring seem larger is by adding side stones. A traditional option is to have 3 stones in your engagement ring, each st…click for more

Gemstone engagement rings – Blue sapphire

Gemstone engagement rings are an increasingly popular trend especially among millennials, with Blue Sapphire engagement rings as the best sellers. The precious gem is a popular choice for its symbolism, appearance and value. A favourite gemstone engagement ring choice for celebrities and royals are the blue sapphire sapphire engagement rings. One of the most popular blue sapphire engagement rings is Kate Middleton's, given by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. The regal jewel is a trendsetter and one of the main reasons sapphire engagement rings are so wanted. The ring belonged to his mother Diana, the princess of Wales. She chose an 18ct oval sapphire with 14 solitaire diamonds when sh…click for more

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