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Do you wear your engagement ring when you get married?

From the proposal you may have worn your engagement ring every day. However, with your wedding a few days away, you may wonder what to do with the engagement ring during the ceremony. If you’re unsure about the etiquette behind wearing an engagement ring when you get married, the quick answer is yes, you should wear it. You’ve been wearing your engagement every other day and your wedding day doesn’t have to be any different. How should I wear my engagement ring? While leaving your engagement ring in your room is a viable option while you’re getting married, it’s only normal to want to show it off as much as possible. Instead there are two easy options to ensure you’re wearin…click for more

Bespoke jewellery design – where to start?

Bespoke-jewellery-design Tailored to your taste, tailored to your vision, tailored to your budget.   Here at Steven Stone, we specialise in creating custom bespoke jewellery. We have hundreds of beautiful, ready to wear pieces of jewellery available, but there’s a chance that you may require something just that little bit more personal. We can recreate famous engagement rings, remodel your old jewellery into a new piece, or create a one of a kind piece designed by you. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of jewellery experts are here to guide you and optimise your budget, at each step of the bespoke process. The beauty of the bespoke process is that it is tailored precisely for you.   How does th…click for more

Shape Up Your Wedding Ring!

Shaped-Wedding-Rings The engagement ring is a pinnacle piece of jewellery, a timeless symbol to treasure throughout your life. So how do you choose the perfect wedding ring to complement it perfectly? Engagement rings are forever evolving, but the sentiment remains consistent. Wedding rings follow a similar pattern, ever changing with new designs emerging year on year. This means finding the perfect style to complement your engagement ring can be a difficult process. A common desire which has been increasing in popularity in recent years, is a wedding ring that will perfectly fit next to their engagement ring. At Steven Stone we create a variety of bespoke shaped wedding rings to fit each engagement ring styl…click for more

From Yes To I Do – Nicola and Rob’s Engagement Story

Proposal Rob: ‘We met at University almost ten years ago; Nicola was doing a degree in Photography and I was doing mine in Animation.’ ‘The thought of proposing had been on my mind for some time; the difficulty (and I am sure most men go through similar) was proposing in a way that truly reflected my emotions and our relationship as a whole. After a fair few years spent together and looking to the future, you reach a reflective stage as a couple where it's nice to look at how far you've come and all you have done along the way. I knew that I had to do something epic which epitomised it all!’ ‘I had known ever since we visited Prague as a couple back in 2014, that one day I wanted to p…click for more

9 things to know before your wedding

wedding rings and engagement rings Engagement rings and wedding rings are much more than jewellery - they are a symbol of love and the ones we love and should be treated as such. In this post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding ring and engagement ring etiquette Q: Does the bride wear the engagement ring during the ceremony? A: Engagement rings are traditionally placed after wedding rings, so that the wedding band is closer to the heart. Some brides wear their engagement ring on the right hand while the wedding ceremony lasts and then place it top of the wedding ring. If you forget to take your engagement ring off before the wedding ceremony, you can swap them around after the wedding.…click for more

Wedding rings – the bridal guide

Although engagement rings get the most talks, wedding rings are just as important. Your wedding ring needs to be perfect - its as simple as that. Whether you choose a simplistic plain wedding band or a gemstone eternity ring, your wedding ring needs to be of high quality and reflect your style and character. Here is how to find the perfect piece Decide what you want There are countless combinations of wedding ring designs in all precious with all thicknesses, weights, gemstones and diamond eternity rings. Browse for ideas and think about what wedding rings you would like to have before you visit the jewellers. Once you have an idea of what you might like to get, we would happily assist you…click for more

Bespoke Shaped Wedding Ring

Shaped-Wedding-Ring We have just completed this platinum shaped wedding ring to fit alongside our four claw twist engagement ring. Our customer didn't like the idea of having a gap between her engagement ring and wedding ring, therefore a customised design was necessary. Our goldsmith was able to carve a ring from wax that would fit snug against her engagement ring, this wax model was then set in platinum. As you can see from the pictures the rings look like the perfect fit alongside one another.   Find out how you can create a perfectly shaped wedding ring to fit your engagement ring here. To browse our engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings and diamond jewellery selections, visit Steven …click for more

What is Palladium?

Palladium Demand for Palladium jewellery has increased greatly in recent years. For people that like the idea of Platinum but require something a little more affordable, Palladium becomes the natural choice. Platinum and Palladium are from the same metal group and they both exhibit the same soft metallic gray tones and luster. It is a hard wearing metal that maintains its colour well, making it a great choice for gents wedding rings in particular. Palladium is less dense than Platinum and lighter in weight, therefore less metal weight is required making the overall cost more affordable. Palladium can prove a great choice when choosing your wedding ring, and carries a hallmark from the Assay Office t…click for more

Wedding Rings Profiles

Wedding-Ring-Profiles When it comes to choosing your ideal wedding rings the profile is an important factor to consider. The profile is what you would see if you were to imagine cutting through the center of a ring. There are many different profiles to choose from. For ladies the choice is usually influenced by the style of their engagement rings, where as for men it is usually down to personal taste. Here at Steven Stone we offer 5 popular profiles. Profile Shapes Traditional Court: Rounded on both sides for comfort D-Shaped: Flat on the inside and rounded on the outside Flat Court: Flat outside for a contemporary look, rounded inside for comfort Flat Court Flat Edge: Court on the inside and sits closer to t…click for more

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