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2017 Paris Fashion week favourites

Another fashion week has passed and it is the best we’ve seen so far. It was rebellious, futuristic, metallic and alienesque. In case you missed anything, here are our favourites from Paris fashion week

First things first

green tourmaline haloHigh-end brands including Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Dior and Loewe redesigned last season's asymmetrical, oversize and sparkling jewellery into more wearable and traditional pieces. Dazzling brooches, elfish ear cuffs, eye-catching and punk accessories are still in, however in more subtle and wearable designs. This autumn, gemstone pieces and are the staples you can boldly stack up with every outfit, at every occasion.

fentyFenty x Puma
Rihanna caused mass hysteria on social media with her latest fashion show at the fictional Fenty University. The event took place at the National Library in Paris and had models walking on wooden reading tables. Inspired by street fashion and school wear, 2017 Fenty x Puma Fall/Winter collection features quilted overalls, oversized puffer jackets, tracksuits, high flatform shoes and tall wellingtons. Dark, goth and grunge-inspired checkered patterns were contrasting with bright orange and mustard pieces. Hip hop like the yellow gold statement necklaces, hoop earrings, chokers and right-hand rings rocked the Fenty runway at Paris fashion week 2017.

laurentThe impossible YSL shoes

Saint Laurent shoes were the most discussed footwear this week and the season’s showstopper. YSL broke the stereotypes, runaway and physics with their unbelievable, no-heel stilettos and ultramodern rhinestone boots.

Conquering other worlds

As much as we are used to the extravagant and unusual at fashion shows, we surely didn’t expect a spaceship launch… At the start of the show, Karl Lagerfeld’s models lined up for a countdown to the full-size Chanel spacecraft launch, while NASA’s launch anthem, 'Rocket man' by Elton John was playing in the background. Chanel Launchpad N5 was dominated by futuristic silver foil and glitter, galaxy prints, knits and tall toe-cap boots, combined with 70s Barbarella-inspired hairstyles and makeup.



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