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Home The Blog32-Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Predicted to Fetch $8M (£4.8M) at Auction


32-Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Predicted to Fetch $8M (£4.8M) at Auction

One of the rarest Diamonds, a flaming fancy yellow 32-carat diamond is estimated to sell for £4.8 million at the Christie’s New Your Magnificent Jewells auction in October. 32-Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond The golden fancy diamond is a pear-shaped glowing stone and is so rare that the GIA update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = Gemmological Institute of America have ranked and graded the precious gemstone as one of the rarest in its class of fancy yellow diamonds. The stone is said to represent a “freak occurrence” and an “extremely rare geology phenomenon”. The intenseness of the yellow diamond on sale gained its radiant colouring from nitrogen replacing carbon in the diamonds structure when it was formed deep under the earth’s surface. In this particular diamond the nitrogen level absorbed in the stone were unusually high, giving its deep golden vivid colouring and making it an impressive rare find that will sell for millions. The GIA stated that the diamond is one of the highest saturated colourings found in a yellow coloured diamond, classifying its colour grading “Fancy Vivid”. This particular diamond rarely comes on the market and very few diamonds hold such pureness in colour to be classified at fancy vivid. The Diamond will be the star of the auction at Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewells International Auction. Before the auction will be held in October this year, there will be a global preview tour of the unique Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond that will be on show at Christies in the months leading up to its auction. Whoever the lucky auction winner will be will have the option to create any piece of jewellery for the stone – from a glorious engagement ring or a stylis pendant to wear as dress jewellery. Learn more aboun Fancy Colour Diamonds