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A Custom Made Diamond and Sapphire Ring

A few weeks ago a customer contacted our Bespoke Service. The customer wanted to combine five round brilliant diamonds, all set in a pendant and a beautiful sapphire stone, into a unique, bespoke ring.  She wanted the design to be quirky, contemporary and something that she could wear every day.   With the brief in mind are designer got to work using CAD (computer aided design) to create a ring that featured all six of the stones.  In order to obtain a contemporary, quirky look our designer decided the stones should be mounted on a cross over style platinum band with the diamonds and the sapphire set on both shoulders of the band.   Various designs and positions of the six stones across the band were sent to the customer in realistic rendered images. The customer was delighted with the designs and picked the one she wanted us to make.   Our expert team set to work on the production process of the sapphire and diamond ring. The design of the ring was printed into a 3D wax version, and welded onto a cylinder wax rod, along with other 3D wax ring models to create a ‘wax tree’. The next step was to place investment powder mixed with water, over the wax tree in a cylinder flask, which was then left for 24 hours in an oven where the wax evaporates and the investment powder turns into 3D models. The flask is then taken out of the oven and placed in the casting machine to be cast into platinum.   Once the ring was cast into platinum and taken off the tree, our extremely skilled goldsmith set all five diamonds and the sapphire in to their settings and polished the ring ready to be sent to the customer.       The final ring consists of four round brilliant diamonds each held in a 4-Claw, bezel setting on one shoulder of the cross over ring. The other shoulder consists of the fifth diamond and the sapphire stone, both held in the same setting.   The customer was delighted with the final sapphire and diamond ring, which she now wears as an everyday fashion ring.  The customer also said the ring is extra special as it was uniquely crafted from jewels handed down from generations, and transformed into a beautiful bespoke diamond and sapphire ring.   Do you like this ring?