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A Man's Guide to the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

So you’re planning to pop the big question to your girlfriend, all you need to do now is buy the perfect engagement ring. Usually the first consideration when buying an engagement ring is the specification of the diamond –shape, weight and quality. However it’s also important to choose the right style and design when buying an engagement ring. Here are a few suggestions which might help you buy the perfect engagement ring. Firstly, look at other rings your girlfriend might wear or have in her jewellery collection – are they traditional or modern? Plain or dressy? She might have a ring she wears all the time, if so incorporate a similar design into the engagement ring you buy. If your girlfriend has more glamorous dress jewellery – go for a round brilliant diamond for maximum sparkle and a greater wow factor. You could even consider adding diamonds on the shoulder of the ring. The most popular shoulder set diamond engagement rings are set in the following ways –
  • Channel set
  • Pavé set
  • Claw set
For a plain, simple look, opt for a solitaire engagement ring with just a single diamond centre stone – princess cut diamonds and round brilliant diamonds are the most popular for an engagement ring. You should also consider her fingers – if they are short, diamond shapes like oval, marquise and pear are great for elongating fingers and work best mounted on a narrow band. For engagement rings there is a whole host of settings to choose to hold the diamond. Most diamonds on engagement rings are prong set and held in numerous claws - providing a different look. 8 claws provide maximum protection of the diamond, but can lower its brilliance. 6 claws offer a traditional, yet modern look and still provide security of the diamond. Modern designs of engagement rings hold diamonds in either 4 or 3 claw settings. Another type of setting used to hold a diamond on an engagement ring is a rub-over setting – where the metal sits all around the outer edge of the stone –a more contemporary style with maximum security of the diamond. Go bespoke – if you want an engagement ring in a different to styles to ones the high street, you can create an absolute unique custom made engagement ring, with help from bespoke jewellers services. Take a look now at styles of engagement rings available to buy online.